Freeze, turkeys!

steven IMAGINE what you could do with your GEM POWERS


stelera replied to your photo:Ohhhh what if the Crystal Doges met the Sailor…

is Pearl a greyhound or a whippet?

She’s a little Italian Greyhound! They look like little deer… and they get cold really easily so people like to put sweaters on them. They’re so cute.

They said the king had Cedric sprinkle growing formula on all the vegetable seeds so the commoners could have more food, but they didn’t actually show that in the episode.

And now all I can do is picture Cedric in really ugly gardening gloves and a giant ugly gardening hat (to protect his pasty whiteness from the sun of course) begrudgingly making his way from row to row across the entire freaking place while half-heartedly sprinkling powder on the plants and grumbling about how much the royal family misuses his magic and how he’ll make them do HIS gardening when he takes the amulet and reigns over the kingdom. xD 




voiceactresskurutta replied to your post: voiceactresskurutta replied to your po…

Yeah, I guess that makes sense. It just seems so weird for me to think of them as Aliens…. I dunno why. O_o

Well, they’re magical beings and usually fantasy and sci-fi are kept separate. Like, most things when there’s beings of magic they either exist in a fantasy world or they come from a magical land of whatever. Sci-fi, generally, excludes magic because it doesn’t have a scientific origin. So ‘magical beings from outer space’ kind of smashes together two genre you don’t often put together (unless its a sort of ‘potluck’ universe like with superheroes)

But one of the things I really like about this show is that it seems to combine both fantasy and sci-fi. Like, the Gems are magical and the describe themselves as magic, but there’s sci-fi logic to Gem things. The temple has a very space-shippy feel to me, I mean Rose’s Room was basically a holodeck. Holo-Pearl was very robot-like. The replicator wand could absolutely exist in sci-fi. The warp pads seem magical but they also look very tech-y and they only go specific places. Etcetc.

Like, Gem things have magical origin/power but have scientific logic to how they function. Its a really interesting blend, imo.

Those are some really fantastic ideas you have there. I never really thought about it that way… that would explain part of my crazy love for the show, because I really like the superhero genre which, as you said, also kinda smashes those two opposites together.

I’m big into the superhero genre too and I could go on and on about SU in relation to that. Like, I get total Superman vibes from the Gems and they are basically superheroes. But also that the show is kind of a subversion of the superhero genre in that there’s absolutely not alter egos or hiding ones identity, the Gems don’t care to pretend they’re humans and Steven openly tells everyone he’s half-magic like its no big thing.

This show hits on really specific things I like (fantasy/sci-fi genre meshing, superhero tropes, the whole ‘aliens not understanding humans’ thing, an absence of extreme cynicism, aliens with alien biology, slow gradual reveals of complex lore, the whole ‘last of their kind’ thing, etcetc), like the more I examine the show the more obvious it becomes why I was so drawn to it 

Yeah, I see what you mean. :) 

Oh man, tropes! This show uses them sooooo well. And yes the absence of extreme cynicism is beautiful. I mean, I love cynics - I’m quite cynical myself. But it’s nice to just relax and watch a positive show for a change. :) I know what you mean there! XD I actually picked up this show around the Frybo episode (I didn’t know what it was until I saw the gifset of Peedee’s lil’ sadness moment going around tumblr), but it wasn’t ‘til recently that I really got super into it because gradually analyzing various elements of the show just got me to like it more and more and more until I realized that I was in love with it. ^_^ 


I think it’s cute when people draw his hair poking out of his hat


I think it’s cute when people draw his hair poking out of his hat


Avengers photoset #20

DrTwoBrainsxLadyRedundantWoman! :D


001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

•when I started shipping it if I did: I saw some of your lovely art, voiceactresskurutta, and it just clicked with me. xD

•my thoughts: They are so perfect for each other. Thy both need more love and they both are major villains. And I think they’re personalities would work well together, but they’re egos as villains would clash sometimes, making for small disagreements. I’m going to stop this before I start rambling. xD

•What makes me happy about them: The fact that its technically canon. xD

•What makes me sad about them: The lack of good fanfiction.

•things done in fanfic that annoys me: Well there aren’t very many fanfics with this ship, but I’ve seen a few where they get married and quit being villains and I don’t like that at all. :p

•things I look for in fanfic: Cute, mostly in-character fluff. Or just plain interaction between the characters. xD (small fandom problems, am I right?)

•Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Um…. Nobody. xD I personally don’t have any other serious ships involving either Two-Brains or LRW.

•My happily ever after for them: They can keep a steady relationship going while still pulling off daring heists.

•who is the big spoon/little spoon: I can see it going either way, really.

•what is their favorite non-sexual activity: This one is so wowed because I can’t imagine anything super sexually going on between them in the first place. Maybe it’s because they’re from a kids show and I’m a prudabega, I don’t know. xD But they’re obviously villains so commuting crimes is high on the favorite activities list. As well as just spending time with each other, I’m sure.

Actually yes you should ramble forever.

And really I haven’t even seen those fics??? There’s like nothing for them.

PRUDABEGA. Stealing that word forever. Also the ‘commuting’ typo somehow still hilariously works. xD 


Amethyst is a pug, Pearl is an Italian Greyhound, and Garnet is a Standard Poodle.
…I didn’t even have to edit the design at all for her, look at this:

This post was inspired by emlan who draws lots of doges.


Amethyst is a pug, Pearl is an Italian Greyhound, and Garnet is a Standard Poodle.

…I didn’t even have to edit the design at all for her, look at this:


This post was inspired by emlan who draws lots of doges.

i’m actually so embarrassed about that picture; took me a long time to draw ‘cause i kept being like NOPE I CAN’T EVEN

i am literal trash

i am greatly ashamed and if there is a pbs hell then i am going straight to it without so much as a bathroom break

i am a disgrace to the fandom and i don’t know how any of you tolerate me

i told you guys not to let me do this